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World Media has also optioned screenplays from Pennington and has partnered with international film organization Turner Fox Productions to develop co-ventures with China film distributors and studios.

Myers cut her teeth on the NBC TV megahit series Miami Vice, then developed and produced The Marshal, an ABC/Paramount prime time drama series that starred cult favorite Jeff Fahey. She optioned numerous TV series and specials to production companies, networks and studios, based on valuable book and life rights, and has executive produced pilots, series and specials, including the series Night of the Proms, which earned her the Mid-America 2014 EMMY Award for Arts/Entertainment Series/Special. With the Pennington titles, Myers expects an enthusiastic reception.

To learn more about Rod Pennington and The Charon Family and The Fourth Awakening series: 

Bestselling Author Rod Pennington Pens Film/TV Deal WITH WORLD MEDIA PARTNERS

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Author Rod Pennington's The Fourth Awakening and Charon Family Adventures eBook series, as well as his feature screenplays, have been optioned for film and television by Carole Myers, Executive Producer at World Media Partners.

One of the hottest authors on Amazon Kindle, all Pennington's past twelve titles immediately hit #1 in multiple categories. The Charon Family Adventure Series is a dark comedy political satire series about a dysfunctional family of four of the world's best assassins. The Fourth Awakening series dives into metaphysical mysticism and science with six bestselling thrillers.